The mission of the Optentia Research Unit is to develop and organise knowledge for the optimal expression of individual, social and institutional potential, with a specific interest in the African context. The research unit utilises the inputs from multiple disciplines: Economics, Educational Sciences, Employment Relations, Human Resource Management, Information Technology, Philosophy, Psychology (Work and Organisational Psychology, Educational Psychology, Counselling Psychology, and Clinical Psychology), Risk Management, Social Anthropology, Social Work, and Sociology. We study the optimisation of the potential of people and institutions by focusing on pathways from precarity to capability and optimal functioning. Optentia's research is organised into six programmes

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Recent news

Shaping the future together: A symposium on technology and humanity

On 4 April 2024 (10:00-12:30), Optentia will host a symposium with the following title: "Technology, Humanity and the Ethical Compass: Charting the Course of Capability Development. International experts from Taiwan, Korea, N...Read article

Do employee well-being programs improve mental health?

A new study reveals why work wellbeing programs aren't making you less miserable. Click Read article

Public lecture explores embracing the technological revolution for positive organisational practices

Prof Llewellyn van Zyl, extraordinary professor at the North-West University's (NWU’s) Optentia research unit, recently delivered a public lecture titled "Embracing the technological revolution". Prof Van Zyl, ...Read article

Students deliver stellar performance in BRICS Skills competition

A team of students from the North-West University (NWU), under the guidance of computer scientist and lecturer Dr Japie Greeff, recently participated in the BRICS Skills competition in China in the Data Analysis and Visualisation ...Read article

Newsletter, March 2024

Upcoming events



Discovery Delight: Socializing the Scientific Way
Time: 10:30-14:30; Place Optentia House



Performativity, inclusion, and decoloniality
11:00-13:00 Presenter: Prof. B. Ngwenya



Optentia Scientific Committee
08:15: PhD Proposal - R. Nqubane; 09:00: PhD proposal - B.M. Buitend...



NWU-HREC Meeting
Agenda Closes: 28 March 2024

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