Technology, Humanity, and the Ethical Compass: Charting the Course of Capability Development


Aim of the Symposium


The symposium aims to chart a course for the future of capability development that is ethically grounded, human-centric, and socially responsible, fostering a dialogue among researchers, practitioners, and policymakers from diverse fields to collaborate towards a more equitable and humane technological future.


Information: See the brochure for the topics, abstracts and speakers.


Format: In-person and YouTube


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The Topics


Topic 1: AI as a mediator of human values: A dynamic sociotechnical systems perspective.

Topic 2: Algorithmic appreciation, aversion and algoactivism: Where we are now and where we are heading. 

Topic 3: Navigating knowledge frontiers: Digital storytelling for critical thinking and emotional learning. 

Topic 4: Tactile experience in merged reality for learning.

Topic 5: Crossing wires: The 'techtures' that enable us. 

Topic 6: New approach in counseling and psychological service: Metaverse counseling.

Topic 7: Technology-enabled decolonial practice: A state of translation.