Families in (South) Africa and the Position of Older Persons (FAPOP)


Ageing and family: discourses and realities

Research Team

Prof. V. Roos (NWU); Prof. N. Keating (University of Alberta / NWU); Prof. J. Hoffman (NWU / University of Oxford); Prof. Robbie Robinson (NWU); Dr A Kitching (NWU); Ms S Steyn (Optentia PhD candidate - 2016); Mr F du Toit (prospective Optentia PhD Candidate - 2018); Ms P Kolobe Prospective PhD candidate); Ms Lelanie Malan (prospective Optentia PhD candidate – 2018)


Despite its pervasive normative use, the very concept of the ‘African family’ and, specifically, the contemporary family of older people remains poorly defined and under-scrutinised. This requires an investigation both of older people’s conceptions (or constructions) of their families and perspectives of their kin on the position of older persons within families. This research focus draws on an agenda generated at a GSIA Intensive Workshop held in 2013 at North-West University.

Related Output

Aboderin, I., & Hoffman, J. (2015). Families, Intergenerational Bonds, and Ageing in Sub-Saharan Africa. Canadian Journal on Aging/La Revue Canadienne du Vieillissement, 34(3), 282-289.