Capabilities and Flourishing at Work

Project Leader

Prof. Ian Rothmann


The general aim of the project is to develop and test multidimensional models of flourishing (which include dimensions of feeling good and functioning well) in different contexts, to investigate possible antecedents, dimensions and outcomes of flourishing, and to develop and evaluate interventions to promote flourishing of people in different contexts.  Research has shown that a multidimensional perspective on flourishing of people is crucial, because it allows one to study the interplay between the dimensions. If one does not consider the multidimensional nature of well-being, behaviour that is detrimental to the long-term well-being of individuals might result. The project has the following specific aims: 

  • To develop and validate multidimensional measures of flourishing applicable to different contexts using representative samples in terms of gender, cultural groups, job levels, income levels, job status levels, qualifications and age groups.
  • To study how flourishing in work context and non-work contexts inter-relate, because flourishing at work might spill over to non-work contexts.
  • To investigate the role of dispositions in flourishing.
  • To evaluate the long-term effects of flourishing in different contexts on individual, social and institutional outcomes (e.g. health, absenteeism, retention, and performance).
  • To develop and evaluate intervention programs to promote flourishing in different contexts.