Ageing and Generational Dynamics

This programme aims to explore ageing across the life-course as well as its impact on the relationships between and within generations on both the familial and societal levels. Contextualised within the diverse realities of Africa, researchers focus amongst others on 1) discourses and realities of ageing and family /intergenerational relationships; 2) contemporary social and health care at the nexus of informal and formal care systems; and 3) trends in the inclusion/exclusion of generations in relation to each other and broader community and societal systems, and how older people negotiate these in terms of survival and citizenship.


Recent publications


Young female adults’ experiences of their relationships with older people: The Mmogo-method®

Roos, V., van Biljon, L., & Carstens, U.

Journal of Social and Personal Relationships

Respect in intergenerational relationships: Young adult women’s motivations.

Van Biljon, L. & Roos, V., & O’Reilly, S.

Journal of Intergenerational Relationships

Cell phone usage relational regulation strategies of older South Africans

Steyn, S., Roos, V., & Botha, K.

Journal of Psychology in Africa
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Prof. J. (Jaco) Hoffman

Programme Leader

Prof. V. (Vera) Roos


Prof. I. (Isabella) Aboderin

Extraordinary Professor

Prof. A. (Andries) Baart

Extraordinary Professor

Dr E. (Emily) Freeman

Extraordinary Researcher

Prof. N. (Norah) Keating

Extraordinary Professor

Prof. A. (Anne Magriet) Pot

Extraordinary Professor

Prof. J. (Johan) Strijdom

Extraordinary Professor

S. (Sandra) Steyn

PhD Student

Dr J. (Johan) Steytler