Inclusion, Capability and Optimal Functioning

Built on the premise of caring, this programme focuses on the enhancement of teachers’ ability to respond to a diversity of learning needs, thus developing a school’s enabling component. The programme aims to increase a teacher’s repertoire of strategies for working with a wide range of individual differences among learners and creating a caring context where learners receive nurturance, support and empathy in order to master learning outcomes. Strategies include different ways to accommodate and teach learners to compensate for different barriers to learning that interfere with their benefitting satisfactorily from learning and instruction. 


Recent publications


Social participation of students with special educational needs

Schwab, S., Nel, M., & Hellmich, F.

European Journal of Special Needs Education

Making meaning of inclusive education: Classroom practices in Finnish and South African classrooms.

Engelbrecht, P., Savolainen, H., Nel, M., Koskela, T. & Okkolin, M-A.

Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education

Fostering self-regulated learning: From clinical to whole class interventions.

Hessels-Schlatter, C., Hessels, M.G.P., Godin, H., & Spillmann-Rojas, H.

Educational and Child Psychology
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Prof. M. (Mirna) Nel

Programme Leader

Prof. M. (Mary) Grosser

Extraordinary Professor

Prof. H. (Hannu) Savolainen

Extraordinary Professor

Prof. M. (Marco) Hessels

Extraordinary Professor

Prof. S (Susanne) Schwab

Extraordinary Professor

Dr S. (Stef) Esterhuizen

Researcher (Cognitive potential)

Dr I. (Isabel) Payne-Van Staden

Researcher (Inclusive education)

Dr M. (Magda) Kloppers

Researcher (Cognitive potential)

V. (Viné Petzer)

PhD Student (Cognitive potential)

F. (Francois) Minnie

Researcher (Cognitive potential)

B. (Byron) Bunt

PhD Student (Cognitive potential)

R. (Rodean) Booysen

Researcher (Inclusive education)

Dr D. (Debbie) Schaffler

Postdoctoral research fellow

M. (Mallery) Mitchell

Researcher (Inclusive education)

Pfefo Mokgathle

PhD Student

A. (Anne-marie) De Nysschen