Technology, Capability and Functioning

This programme aims to research the integration of technology, capabilities and functioning of people. Advances in technology (for example robotics, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality) resulted in a scenario in which the momentum of technology and commerce often overshadows the service of humanity. This programme studies how technology can be developed to serve humanity.


Recent publications


Investigating the relation among disturbed sleep due to social media use, school burnout, and academic performance.

Evers, K., Chen, S., Rothmann, S., Dhir, A., & Pallesen, S.

Journal of Adolescence

Antecedents and consequences of social media fatigue.

Dhir, , S., Kaur, P., Chen, S., & Pallesen

International Journal of Information Management

Design for engagement of positive psychology interventions.

Kelders, S.

In M. Coetzee, I.L. Potgieter, & N. Ferreira (Eds.), Psychology of retention: Theory, research and practice
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J. (Japie) Greeff


Prof. S. (Sufen) Chen

Extraordinary Professor

Prof. S. (Saskia) Kelders

Extraordinary Professor