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We invite researchers from all entities at the NWU to participate in the research day at the Vanderbijlpark Campus. Please submit your abstract online: go to, Go to Events, and click on Research day: Cultivating Humanity. You will find a link to the abstract submission there.


Please indicate clearly what kind of submission you would like to do on the research day by typing the title followed by the type of submission (between brackets).   


Submissions could include,  but are not limited to or manual drawings, displays, and models. Presenters should keep in mind that the project must be small enough in size that it is movable by the presenter without additional assistance and could sit or stand on a small display table. Presenters are encouraged to have a series of talking points that identify the salient features of the project and seek to engage the audience in the work being presented. Every submission should have at least one takeaway message that can be tweeted (140 characters).


Presentations could include, but are not limited to:

  • a staged panel conversation, dialogue, or debate;
  • applications (e.g., on computer or IPAD); 
  • posters;
  • projects; and
  • case studies.


Email: or


Tel.: 016 910 3515


Please note: We have a developed a format for posters. Copy the relevant material to the poster. Edit the copied material to make the poster visually appealing. Do not include too much detail on the poster. \


Download the poster format.