Survivor to Thriver (S2T) Intervention Programme

Project Leaders

Dr Hayley Williams and Prof. Ansie Fouché


This project which, falls under the subprogramme of “Strength-based Interventions", offers a strengths-based positive psychology intervention programme (developed through research) to women with a history of childhood sexual abuse. The group intervention entitled from “Survivor to Thriver” (S2T) aims to develop and harness posttraumatic growth, adaptive coping and psychological well-being in female survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Survivors are empowered to transform their lived traumatic experiences into salutary enabling processes so as to unlock their post-trauma identity and begin living a meaningful existence where they can contribute constructively to their families and communities.

This programme is presented and managed by Dr Hayley Walker-Williams (Clinical Psychologist) and Prof. Ansie Fouché (Social Worker) and is open to women living with a history of CSA. For more information please contact Marinda Henning on 0169103413 or 0824904130.