Grit-ty Work

Project Leaders

Prof. L.E. van Zyl; Prof. M. van Vuuren (U Twente)


Grit refers to the extent towards which an individual shows passion and perseverance in and at work.  It is positioned on the positive end of the continuum between psychological hardiness and resilience. Gritty workers show to work persistently harder towards achieving goals, push through challenges whiles being able to maintain their level of enthusiasm/effort/ interest regardless of failures or setbacks. Specifically, Duckworth (2007) argued that grit is an essential component for high achievement and subsequently performance.  From a Job Demands-Resources (JD-R) perspective, grit can be seen as an important personal resource which could be employed to buffer against the impact which Job demands have on individual work performance. The purpose of this project is to determine how ‘Grit’ Works within the South African and Dutch business sectors. Specifically, this project aims to:

  • Determine the psychometric properties of the Duckworth Grit scale in selected international organisations. 
  • Investigate the impact of Grit, as a personal resource, on various individual and organisational outcomes.
  • Examine individual experiences of grit through storytelling.