Exploring the Contextual Manifestation of Well-being in Africa

Project Leader

Prof. Tumi Khumalo


Studies in Positive Psychology have continued to increase in number, and the field is growing in popularity and is attracting greater scientific activity. However, Positive Psychology cross-cultural studies including data from Africa are lacking. In this project, not only will individual and group differences (in mean scores, psychometric properties and inter-variable relationships) between countries be compared, but their possible variations will be contextualized and explained using meaningful cultural dimensions. Therefore the study will contribute empirically justified interpretations of culture as a source of inter-group difference or similarity in well-being measures.     

The aim of the project is to evaluate and explore the cultural and contextual elements that facilitate or thwart well-being and the possible differences in its manifestation; investigate cross-/inter-country patterns of well-being, with national-level indicators of conditions of living as the basis for comparison. Data will be gathered from among college student participants in at least five countries in Sub-Saharan Africa: Kenya; Ghana; South Africa, Mozambique; Tanzania; Namibia.